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Junior Dog Class


  • Six week course – one hour per week
  • Puppies over 18 weeks of age and other dogs starting their training
  • Train your dog to respond to you in different and distracting situations
  • Small classes
  • Information pack and help sheets
  • Free ‘Goody Bag’


As puppies get older and more confident and hormones surge with adolescence, your puppy’s response to you can seem to deteriorate. This course will help you through this difficult phase giving you key skills to help you and your dog be successful with training. We progress  from your initial training and get your dog to respond in different and more distracting situations, whilst continuing to keep things fun and help further build your relationship.

Our goal is to help you have a sociable, well behaved and happy dog with whom you can enjoy doing things together.

Topics Covered:

  • Progress with training – attention, come, emergency recall, walking on a loose lead, sit and stay, relaxed down stay, wait, leave it.
  • Improving responses with distractions
  • Handling for veterinary attention
  • Managing problems such as jumping up and chasing
  • And much more….