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Parkour for Puppies, April

This is a 3 week course held on Thursdays, from 16 April 2020 6 – 7 pm at Preston Patrick Memorial Hall, Crooklands, LA7 7NR.

This course is for puppies under 6 months of age. This course is valuable to help with your puppies continued socialisation and familiarisation with different aspects of their world. The puppies will build confidence with interacting with different objects in the environment. Fun activities will include walking over different surfaces, putting two paws or four paws on, going under, over, through or in different objects. Dogs love doing this sort of activity and it’s great for building confidence, body awareness and coordination. Busy and lively puppies also benefit from learning focus, calmness and steadiness with the activities. Working with your puppy to build the skill and confidence with the movements and objects also helps your connection together. There will be the opportunity to work through the requirements of the Puppy Level of the Dog Parkour UK scheme and earn yourselves a certificate and rosette if you want. Or just come along for the fun of it!

The cost of the course is £36.